About Stephen Duncan, DCh.,S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC

“If it ain’t holistic, it ain’t realistic.” – Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan, DCh.,S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC has been practicing in the healing arts profession since 1984. His alternative healing services include: Ozone Therapy; Nutritional Assessments; Rife Therapy; Ionic Detoxification; Colon Therapy, Light therapy (LED), Raindrop Therapy, Lymphatic, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy.

The union of Mind, Body and Spirit play an essential role in one’s overall Health and Wellness, and it is to this end that Stephen’s evaluation sets him aside from all others. His dedication to assisting his clients to achieve their highest potential in Whole body Health and Wellness remains his primary focus.

Stephen Duncan, DCh.,S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC is dedicated to the biblical holistic philosophy of integrated Healing, encompassing the Mind, Body and Spiritual dimensions of health. In his Plano location, he offers the latest and most state of art approaches to assist his clients in achieving their individual health goals while providing a clean, safe environment. His approach is all natural and organic. Your visit will be an enjoyable one whether its for relaxation or ongoing for chronic imbalances. He will find and develop a health program that best suits your needs.

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Theocentric Healing

Body – Mind – Spirit

Chiropathy and Behavioral Psychotherapy are both licensed and commission regulated Theocentric (Theologically Centered) forms of healing that aid a person in discovering that total wellness is dependent on the unification of Body, Mind and Spirit; and that each person is responsible for achieving and maintaining his/her own optimum level of wellness; that such wellness is completely dependent on natural means and therapies; and that prevention and reversal of disease is well within the ability of each person.

Therefore, wellness is seen as the responsibility of the person – the doctor only assists in the process.

  • Chiropathy: identifies and removes the physical blockages to healing.

  • Behavioral Psychotherapy: removes the mental, emotional and spiritual blockages to healing.

The doctor (Licensed Chiropath) only points the way towards total wellness by offering sound advice and education so that each person (Client) can make intelligent, informed decisions regarding the various factors influencing his or her total mental, physical and spiritual wellness. The biblical book of Hosea 4:6 states – “my people perish because of lack of knowledge,” not a “lack of doctors or medicine.” 

Acquiring sound knowledge is the first step towards getting or staying healthy. Wisdom is the ability to properly apply that knowledge. The Doctor of Chiropathy’s main job is to present this knowledge to the person with the wisdom of how to apply it. “In all of your getting – get understanding.”  Book of Proverbs.

Physical Chiropathy mostly concerns itself with the foods, nutrients, structure, physiological processes and biochemical levels that the physical body needs to survive, and the therapies are centered around hands on healing and basic guidance and education in how to care for the healthy state of one’s body.

Commission Board Certified and Licensed Doctors of Chiropathy who serve in this capacity offer various physical therapies or techniques such as:



  • Nutritional & Micronutritional Education

    Education and nutritional plans based on blood type.

  • Aromatherapy

    Natural and essential oils used in raindrop massage.

  • Colon hydrotherapy

    Colon cleansing using water used to rid toxins from the colon and intestinal tract by removing any accumulations of feces

  • Post Trauma Debriefing

    Referral to network of qualified inner healing/deliverance coaches.

  • Stress Identification and Management

    Referral to network of qualified inner healing/deliverance coaches.

  • Acupressure

    Pressure point technique to relieve stress, tension, and increase blood circulation

  • Herbal and Botanical Medicine

    Practitioner grade supplements

  • LED therapy

    LED is Light Therapy used to increase circulation, reduce pain, and more

  • Personal Loss

    Referral to network of qualified inner healing/deliverance coaches.

  • Family and Marital Issues

    Referral to network of qualified inner healing/deliverance coaches.

  • Homeopathy

    Natural methods used to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal, using “the like heals like” methodology

  • Iconic Footbath

    Aqua Chi detox footbath

  • Behavioral Issues

    Referral to network of qualified inner healing/deliverance coaches.

  • Self Perception Issues

    Referral to network of qualified inner healing/deliverance coaches.

  • Biofeedback

    Muscle testing

  • Rain Drop therapy

    Light touch massage therapy with essential oils

  • Inner Child Healing

    Referral to network of qualified inner healing/deliverance coaches.

  • Hyperthermic Ozone Therapy

    Ozone/Oxygen Therapy mimics the fever state to promote the body’s immune system

  • RIFE

    High frequency machine used to target and kill pathogens.

  • Bio-pH Balancing

    Natural techniques to balance the body’s pH levels, such that the body is restored to healthy, energy, and resilient to the toxic environment.

  • Exercise and Fitness

    Exercise and fitness guidance based on blood type

  • Lymphatic therapy

    Stimulation of the lymphatic system to encourage the natural draining and purging of toxins from the body.

  • Chemical or Behavioral Addiction

    In house addiction therapy based on 12 steps.

  • Enzyme Therapy

    The introduction of enzymes which are low or missing from the body in an effort to restore/accelerate bodily function including proper digestion and expulsion of toxins.

  • Far Infared therapy

    Far infared therapy mat which reduces inflammation and helps to alleviate a number of alignments.

Behavioral Chiropathy concentrates more on the mental, emotional and spiritual balance of the “body temple” (total organism) with emphasis given to the human mind and behavior of the person. Instead of using various foods, nutrients and physical therapies; this licensed and commission regulated healing discipline uses several therapeutic forms of psychological counseling and psycho-spiritual modalities in an effort to bring a peaceful balance to the inner person as a whole. The balancing of mind and spirit in harmony with the body is the ultimate objective of Behavioral Chiropathy.

Just as a hand fits tightly into a glove – one cannot move without affecting the other. This is equally true with the emotions and psyche fitting tightly into our “body glove.” One cannot experience something negative or positive without the other experiencing it as well. Psycho-Somatic Illness is a perfect example of this Cyber-Physiological (Mind-Body) connection.

Identifying and removing suppressed blockages to healing in the emotions, thoughts and memories of a person are necessary not only to the psyche, but also to achieve physical wholeness in the body. In many cases, the body is an expression of deeper core emotional and spiritual issues that must be resolved before true health and freedom can be fully experienced in the body. This factor cannot be overlooked or taken lightly.

It is true that “we are what we eat.” But it is equally true that “we are what we think and feel.”


Physical and Behavioral Chiropathy are healing art disciplines that are licensed, regulated and overseen by the Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing – Council on Chiropathy of the Orthodox Catholic Church.


See what patients are saying about Stephen Duncan

  • “Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and work around my schedule since coming from Indiana. You were so very accommodating and kind and I can see the love of Christ residing in your heart. I just wanted to let you know that this visit was the most comprehensive feedback I have ever received in the last 10 years about my ailments and I finally have some answers and a clear path for healing.I praise God for your gift of discernment and that you can be used as a healer through Christ.”
  • Encouraging News !!! The good news is that after the treatments I had on Tues (lymph then my new LED protocol then footbath) I have had a marked improvement in my feet! It's such a blessing! The burning and stinging on the tops of my toes seems to have stopped pretty much. I still have the tingling and pain and some burning on the bottoms of the feet, but the burning is better there too, I think. Michele really worked on the lymph nodes in my legs and said things were moving better in my shoulder area. Just thought I would let you know. Praise God for His mercies!
  •  Just had a follow-up meeting with my urologist and he was totally blown away at my condition. He told me when I left for Texas he had not planned on seeing me again alive. He asked what was done for me in Texas and I told him. He was completely amazed. He commented, Texas was winning and we were losing. Stay with what is winning. 
  • “Hi Stephen Duncan! First, I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for showering me with warmth, love, and support. It is through your loving kindness and compassion, which enabled me to persist and persevere.  You told me the first day, it was going to be a journey. It has been quite a ride!   It all comes down to leaning on and trusting GOD even more in times of trials and tribulations, guarding my heart and mind against any mental aggressive suggestion (the enemy), putting on my spiritual armor, and allowing in only God's Truth and love. You are truly a man of GOD Stephen Duncan and I thank you for your guiding example. My life has improved in so many ways because you welcomed me with open arms and helped me when I desperately needed the help. Thank you and with my gratitude, Sarah”
  • As short as our time was with you, no one else throughout this four year ordeal was ever as connected, personally caring, or as directly involved as you were. You told us the truth, you answered our questions, you held our hands when we needed it. Your entire staff was loving, caring, and concerned about us. Perhaps most importantly, you gave us new hope when we were feeling despair. It is no small thing that your treatment approach was effective in providing true healing.  A blessing to you, your wife, your family, your staff, and all who benefit from your work.  With deep gratitude,  Gary
  • Thank you for seeing my FIL today again, Stephen. I REALLY appreciate it and am so thankful for you and your staff. Not only have you sped up healing immensely but have uplifted both our folks as they enjoyed time with you, your staff and other clients. They have a renewed hope and understanding of the processes God set in motion and I am very grateful to you. 
  • Hi Stephen Duncan,  Leah has been making huge improvements since we came to see you and Carla. She's a different girl it's so amazing. Thank you so much for your and Carla's care, knowledge and attention.  Thanks for your time. Hope to see you in early spring.  Sincerely  Letterman family
  • Hey Stephen,  I've known you for about 5 years now and you've been a huge positive influence on my life. I've seen your business grow from a small office, to a friends house, to the awesome office and radio show you have today..... I just like to say congratulations. You are winning well and helping so many people along your journey. You really do encourage me to think differently.  Its not every day that i get to associate with someone who has conquered as many struggles as you have. You're pretty amazing.  Chris”
  • I am grateful that through divine appointment, GOD has led me to Stephen Duncan. When I began, I could not walk long distance and could barely get up and dressed in the morning. I was on oxygen and could barely function. If I wanted to talk to a friend, I had to save up my energy so that I could talk for about 15 minutes or less before I got an “asthma exacerbation.” I was symptomatic throughout the day, every day, for years.  Today, I can hold a conversation for longer than 15 minutes and can walk farther than before. Thank you to GOD and to Stephen Duncan for his gifts of anointing and discernment. Thank you Stephen Duncan for showing me compassion and for not turning me away. The best part about this journey is that I have grown in my understanding, and have deepened my relationship with GOD.  Blessings,  Sarah
  • Hi Stephen Duncan!  I want to share some really great news.  During the last 6 weeks I saw my oncologist and had a CT scan. The results were, in my opinion, AMAZING!! The prior CT stated no significant interval change in ill-defined neoplasm. The CT on 08/13 says "There is persistent ill-defined area of heterogeneous density in the neck and body of the pancreas ........less conspicuous when compared with most recent examination on 01/14."   Just wanted to share with you some good news. I'll bring copies of the CT reports and blood work next week.  Praises to GOD!!  Tammy 


Stephen Duncan, DCh., S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC is not a licensed medical doctor and is not licensed or credentialed by the Texas Medical Board, nor does he choose to be based on his personal and professional beliefs regarding natural healing modalities. Stephen Duncan, DCh., S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC in no way provides procedures, services, labs, or treatments which should be perceived as recommendations made by a license, medical healthcare provider. Stephen Duncan, DCh., S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC believes that God has created within our bodies the perfect signatures for healing. It is his call/desire to help each individual clear the pathways that block healing and create disharmony by utilizing God’s great pharmacy-the Earth.

The information and resources presented on this site are not intended to replace the care of a qualified health professional. While the ideas presented here are based on extensive research, they are not intended to provide specific advice for any individual person’s medical concerns. The resources on this site are for educational purposes; it is recommended that each individual choose a trusted health care professional for diagnosis and treatment purposes. The author of this site encourages visitors to educate themselves about the various theories and treatment approaches for health care issues, so that the safest, most effective approach can be identified.