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Basic Feed

Stack uses the Spectragram plugin in conjunction with the Instagram Developer API to create galleries that pull media from your Instagram account.

Once you’ve set up your developer account and obtained your Client ID and Access token, the feed is controlled by data attributes on the .instafeed element.

The most basic usage requires the data-user-name attribtue which specifies the Instagram account to pull images from.

Specifying Count

By default, the feed will pull in the 12 most recent images on your account. You can specify the exact amount (20 being the maximum) to pull in using the data-amount attribute. This attribute should be a numerical value from 1 – 20.

Specifying Grid

By default, the images will stack vertically on top of one another. To arrange the images in a grid, use the data-grid attribute. The value will specify how many images will be placed in each row.

In the example below, data-grid is set to 5, hence each row containes 5 images.

Gapless Grid

Add the class .instafeed–gapless to the .instafeed element to remove the gaps between each of the grid times.

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