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  • “Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and work around my schedule since coming from Indiana. You were so very accommodating and kind and I can see the love of Christ residing in your heart. I just wanted to let you know that this visit was the most comprehensive feedback I have ever received in the last 10 years about my ailments and I finally have some answers and a clear path for healing.I praise God for your gift of discernment and that you can be used as a healer through Christ.”
  • Encouraging News !!! The good news is that after the treatments I had on Tues (lymph then my new LED protocol then footbath) I have had a marked improvement in my feet! It's such a blessing! The burning and stinging on the tops of my toes seems to have stopped pretty much. I still have the tingling and pain and some burning on the bottoms of the feet, but the burning is better there too, I think. Michele really worked on the lymph nodes in my legs and said things were moving better in my shoulder area. Just thought I would let you know. Praise God for His mercies!
  • “Thank you, Stephen Duncan, for speaking with me today. It was an honor to have you take time out of your busy schedule to speak with me personally. My heart was blessed by the video interview Rob Skiba posted on his Revolutionary Radio Show featuring his October 2012 interview of you regarding your Spirit-filled wholistic healing ministry in Texas. You, Sir, are a man after my own heart. I too desire to minister to the sick and assist God’s children in finding their way back to health. Too many of God’s children are suffering and dying needlessly. But knowledge is power, and the beginning of wisdom (knowledge) is the fear of our Lord. I became interested in natural health and medicine in the fall of 2000. As a mother of four children, I waited for my youngest child to graduate high school and begin college before I began taking Natural Health courses from Blue Heron Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I graduated in 2007 with certificates as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist. My husband and I relocated to Whitefish, Montana 18 months ago and I opened a clinic 12 months ago; it is called Vital Natural Balance. My client base is steady but small. After listening to your radio interview with Rob, I realize I have been remiss. Although I pray that the Holy Spirit, the Great Physician, will work through me to guide His people back to wellness, I realize I have not prayed over and with each patient at the beginning of each session. I acknowledge that I have failed to met the spiritual needs of my clients and open the door for the Holy Spirit to minister to them during a session. For this, I am repentant. Beginning today, I plan to ask my clients if I can pray with them as soon as they sit down in the chair across from my desk. The Lord laid it on my heart about six weeks ago that I should add a Rife machine to my clinic. Herbs and supplements and proper nutrition are indeed a blessing and necessity, but it is a slow healing process for the chronically ill. I would like to see the healing process time shortened for these suffering people. I have been researching the available Rife machines on the market and have become quite confused. I do not understand the different types of wave forms and frequencies well enough to make an informed decision. When I heard Rob mention ‘Rife tubes’ during the interview, I decided to call your office and inquire what type of Rife machine you use. I was pleasantly surprised when Diana said you were available and willing to speak with me. I appreciate that you were so willingly gave me a recommendation for the Rife machine that you have used successfully in your clinic for several years. Please contact me, or have one of your team members contact me, about purchasing a BCX Ultra through your office. Thank you again for your time and knowledge. May God bless you and yours, Nancy O’Brien”
  •  Just had a follow-up meeting with my urologist and he was totally blown away at my condition. He told me when I left for Texas he had not planned on seeing me again alive. He asked what was done for me in Texas and I told him. He was completely amazed. He commented, Texas was winning and we were losing. Stay with what is winning. 

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Stephen Duncan, DCH., S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC is not a licensed medical doctor and is not licensed or credentialed by the Texas Medical Board, nor does he choose to be based on his personal and professional beliefs regarding natural healing modalities. Stephen Duncan, DCH., S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC in no way provides procedures, services, labs, or treatments which should be perceived as recommendations made by a license, medical healthcare provider. Stephen Duncan, DCH., S.PhD., PSc.D, FSAC believes that God has created within our bodies the perfect signatures for healing. It is his call/desire to help each individual clear the pathways that block healing and create disharmony by utilizing God’s great pharmacy-the Earth.
The information and resources presented on this site are not intended to replace the care of a qualified health professional. While the ideas presented here are based on extensive research, they are not intended to provide specific advice for any individual person’s medical concerns. The resources on this site are for educational purposes; it is recommended that each individual choose a trusted health care professional for diagnosis and treatment purposes. The author of this site encourages visitors to educate themselves about the various theories and treatment approaches for health care issues, so that the safest, most effective approach can be identified.