Aqua-Chia Detox Footbath

The Aqua-Chi is a revolutionary hydro-therapy device that combines the life-giving properties of water with a specialized bio-electric charge, which enhances and amplifies the body’s ability to heal itself. Hence, the name Aqua-Chi. The bio-charge produced by the Aqua-Chi resonates throughout the water at a frequency specific to each individual taking a treatment. The Aqua-Chi’s energized water helps to re-balance the body’s energy meridians by permeating and realigning an individual’s energy field. Many of the benefits of the device can be attributed to the re-balancing of these energy meridians.

The Aqua-Chi is used by practitioners, spas, salons and individuals both in the U.S. and abroad, receiving high praise from clients who have experienced sessions. The bio-charge produced by the Aqua-Chi machine can effectively be used for a wide range of conditions*, and also serves well as a non-invasive, relaxing and detoxifying wellness treatment. Some of the best results reported have been: detoxification, reduced inflammation and recovery time, improved liver, kidney and colon function, as well as improved sleeping patterns. The unit’s most observed effects are the ability to stimulate the release of toxins and foreign material from the dermal layer of the skin. However, there are more subtle effects, which may provide an even greater long-term benefit than what is obvious on the surface. Because the Aqua-Chi increases the energy level in the cell membrane, immune function may be substantially enhanced.

All that is needed for an Aqua-Chi footbath is the Aqua-Chi unit, a container and water. Since it is portable, it can be used just about anywhere. The Aqua-Chi is very simple to operate and provides a noninvasive, painless, energizing experience for the individual taking the footbath. First, a container is filled with enough water to cover the top of the module (pictured above).

The timer is then turned on and set from anywhere between 25 and 40 minutes. When the bath is complete, the unit shuts off automatically. During a footbath (or full body bath) the water will slowly begin to change color. Depending upon the individual taking the footbath and the source of water, the color may show anything from a milky white to a very dark brown. Often a gentle tingling sensation can be felt during the bath. Afterwards, it is typical to feel relaxed and have heightened mental clarity.

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