Colon Therapy

There are 7 benefits of colon hydrotherapy, including help with weight loss, speeds up metabolism, decreases gas & bloating, helps with acne problems, helps reduce constipation, improve immune system, and reduces symptoms associated with IBS.

About Genoveva Gamez our Colon Therapist

Genoveva  (Gen)  Gamez has been an I-ACT( certified colon hydrotherapist) since 2007. When asked how she became interested in this career she will always say it was God sent.  She received her training and did her apprenticeship at the world-renowned Sanoviv Medical Institute located in Rosarito, Baja California Mexico. There her mentor, Maggie Hope, and fellow colleagues shared their skills and knowledge, to which she responded with passion.  Gen witnessed first-hand how a holistic healing environment could help one’s life. She enjoyed knowing that she participates in healing of mind, body, and spirit.

In 2009 Gen moved to Rockwall Texas. She has been practicing as a colon hydrotherapist for 9 years at Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness. She works with over hundreds of clients and has been blessed to be doing what she loves. Gen is passionate about what she considers to be her “Blessed life’s work”.

In November of 2016 Gen was offered an amazing opportunity to lead. Gen heads the new colon hydrotherapy department at House of Gilead Renewal Centers in Plano Texas. Here her infectious passion helps her lead with ease which surely will contribute to her and the center’s success.

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