Ozone/Oxygen Therapy

At the House of GIlead, we are proud to offer several oxygen therapy modalities to treat a variety of conditions.  Some of those therapies include sauan, ear ozone, limb ozone.  Prices per treatment range from $25-$50.

 Ozone/Oxygen Therapy mimics the fever state to promote the body’s immune system

“ozone… may have therapeutic value for patients with certain forms of lung cancer.” (source: Washington University school of medicine). A fever is the body’s highly evolved attempt to destroy invading organisms and to sweat impurities out through the skin, and is one of the body’s most powerful defenses against disease. Ozone Therapy(Hyperthermic Treatment) artificially induces fever in an individual who is unable to mount a natural fever response to infection, inflammation, or other health challenges. It is used locally or over the entire body to treat imbalances in the body ranging from viral infections to cancer, and is an effective self-help treatment for the common cold and flu. Steam Sauna Therapy (Oxygen Therapy) mimics a fever state resulting in an effective natural process of curing disease and restoring health.

Documented studies show that Heat Therapy (Oxytherapy) eliminates anaerobic viruses and bacteria; cleans and detoxifies; aids mental clarity; cleans veins and arteries improving circulation and speeds up metabolic processes resulting in a 200-450 calorie loss per session. Research has indicated that in most cases, there can be a reversal of many degenerative type diseases. It’s safe and there are no toxic side effects.

The therapeutic use of heat (Hyperthermic Treatment) can be of great benefit, as heat can stimulate the immune system, help increase the body’s white blood cell count, and aid the body in purging itself of accumulated toxins and produce a state of general relaxation essential to the healing process. The principle behind hypothermia (steam sauna therapy) is simple: heat cancer cells and they can be killed easily. Direct killing of cancer cells begin to occur when the cancerous tissue reaches about F 104 to F 105.8. Only a relatively small rise in body temperature can make a huge difference says Dr. R. Atkins who includes heat therapy in his cancer protocols.

Tumors and Tumor Necrosis Factors:
Unlike normal tissue, tumors have poor blood flow relative to their metabolic needs and cannot dissipate the heat, so they tend to get hotter than the surrounding area. Rapidly dividing cells (i.e., cancer cells) are more vulnerable to the effects of heat. Normally, part of the damage caused by radiation is repaired by the cancer cells, enabling some to survive; however, heat foils this self-repair ability. Taken together, these facts tend to make tumors more vulnerable to heat treatment than normal cells. Hyperthermia (Heat Therapy) increases the Tumor Necrosis Factor (a substance produced by the immune systems to eliminate tumors) by 500 times. Hyperthermia is now approved in the US for treatment of breast cancer recurrence.

However, the combination of Ozone and Heat therapy (known as Hyperthermic Ozone Therapy) has been used successfully to eliminate many different degenerative imbalances in the body.

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