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The AlfaSight 9000™ gives doctors and clinics a view of dynamic physiology that is similar to a cardiology treadmill test, but instead of reflecting only one system, it reflects systemic, tissue matrix and metabolic integrity of multiple systems. Because it is a window that results from a cool-air stress-response, it can provide information to the doctor that could not be given by any other test to date.

Here are some examples of some of the benefits concluded by pattern recognition that has been corroborated with laboratory, imaging and pathology findings over the last 30 years:

  1. Signatures for Lyme and Lyme-related infections
  2. Heavy metal toxicity: the lack of detoxification pathways
  3. Pre- and present diabetes and its consequences
  4. Inflammatory conditions frequently causal in many medical conditions
  5. Hidden focal infections masked from other testing methods
  6. Gastrointestinal dysfunctions, dysbiosis and microbiome contributions
  7. Pre- and present breast disease
  8. Pre- and present prostate dysfunction
  9. Cardiac and pulmonary abnormalities
  10. Lymph integrity, inflammation or stasis
  11. Abnormalities of the thyroid, esp. autoimmune dysfunctions
  12. Kidney dysfunction
  13. Autonomic nervous system abnormalities
  14. Neoplastic conditions – cancer is not only an end-product (tumor) but needs conditions of the interstitial fluids and matrix that create certain vulnerabilities

— Another great benefit to physicians and practitioners

The AlfaSight 9000™ is FDA cleared, for wide ranges of problems including inflammatory and neoplastic conditions. This means that as long as it is being used as an adjunct to other testing methods such as laboratory, imaging, etc., you are performing conventionally legitimate testing.

This can raise an integrative medical professional’s credibility substantially, as many alternative clinics frequently use unapproved devices or ones based on theory and not evaluated properly by radiological experts. Alfa has been shown and accepted by the FDA’s Department of Radiological Devices.

Note: many Infrared cameras, now no longer accepted by conventional radiologists, are not cleared properly nor are they calibrated according to the human body. Alfa’s sensors are doubly-cleared (there are two sensing mechanisms) and are both calibrated to the human skin temperature ranges.

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