• Initial Office Visit:200
  • Initial Biofeedback:200
  • One Hour Phone Consultation:125
  • Follow Up Office Visit:60
  • Follow Up Biofeedback:125
  • Hair Analysis:130



  • Rife:45
  • Beam:50
  • RifeMat:50
  • LED: 55
  • BioMat: 50


  • Footbath:45
  • Footbath & Ear Ozone:65
  • Sauna with Ozone:50
  • Limb Ozone: 45
  • Ear Ozone: 45
  • Female Ozone: 35
  • Rectal Ozone: 35


  • Lymph Massage (Initial):110
  • Lymph Massage (Follow-ups):95
  • Lymph Facial Rejuvenation Raindrop Massage: 110
  • Raindrop Massage:90
  • Colonics: 95
  • Organic Coffee Colonics: 5
  • Annual prescription fee: 35


Beginners Packages
Jumpstart Initial

    • Lymph + Colonic, Footbath:230
      (After Initial price goes down to $220)
    • 4 Colonics:360
    • 7 Colonics: 595
    • 10 Colonics: 800

Body Renewal Package

  • Raindrop (Buy 4 get 2 Free Sauna or FB):360

Sauna Package

  • Biomat/LED/Beam (Buy 10 for): 450
  • Lymph Facial Rejuvenation (Buy 6 for): 330
  • Lymph Massage (Buy 4 get 1 free): 380
  • Ozone (Buy 10 for): 400
  • Rife (Get $100 off with a Package of 10): 350
  • Footbath (Get $100 off with a Package of 10): 350

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