Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and work around my schedule since coming from Indiana. You were so very accommodating and kind and I can see the love of Christ residing in your heart. I just wanted to let you know that this visit was the most comprehensive feedback I have ever received in the last 10 years about my ailments and I finally have some answers and a clear path for healing.I praise God for your gift of discernment and that you can be used as a healer through Christ.


Encouraging News !!!

The good news is that after the treatments I had on Tues (lymph then my new LED protocol then footbath) I have had a marked improvement in my feet! It’s such a blessing! The burning and stinging on the tops of my toes seems to have stopped pretty much. I still have the tingling and pain and some burning on the bottoms of the feet, but the burning is better there too, I think. Michele really worked on the lymph nodes in my legs and said things were moving better in my shoulder area. Just thought I would let you know. Praise God for His mercies!


Thank you, Stephen Duncan, for speaking with me today. It was an honor to have you take time out of your busy schedule to speak with me personally.

My heart was blessed by the video interview Rob Skiba posted on his Revolutionary Radio Show featuring his October 2012 interview of you regarding your Spirit-filled wholistic healing ministry in Texas. You, Sir, are a man after my own heart. I too desire to minister to the sick and assist God’s children in finding their way back to health. Too many of God’s children are suffering and dying needlessly. But knowledge is power, and the beginning of wisdom (knowledge) is the fear of our Lord.

I became interested in natural health and medicine in the fall of 2000. As a mother of four children, I waited for my youngest child to graduate high school and begin college before I began taking Natural Health courses from Blue Heron Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I graduated in 2007 with certificates as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist.

My husband and I relocated to Whitefish, Montana 18 months ago and I opened a clinic 12 months ago; it is called Vital Natural Balance. My client base is steady but small. After listening to your radio interview with Rob, I realize I have been remiss. Although I pray that the Holy Spirit, the Great Physician, will work through me to guide His people back to wellness, I realize I have not prayed over and with each patient at the beginning of each session. I acknowledge that I have failed to met the spiritual needs of my clients and open the door for the Holy Spirit to minister to them during a session. For this, I am repentant. Beginning today, I plan to ask my clients if I can pray with them as soon as they sit down in the chair across from my desk.

The Lord laid it on my heart about six weeks ago that I should add a Rife machine to my clinic. Herbs and supplements and proper nutrition are indeed a blessing and necessity, but it is a slow healing process for the chronically ill. I would like to see the healing process time shortened for these suffering people. I have been researching the available Rife machines on the market and have become quite confused. I do not understand the different types of wave forms and frequencies well enough to make an informed decision. When I heard Rob mention ‘Rife tubes’ during the interview, I decided to call your office and inquire what type of Rife machine you use. I was pleasantly surprised when Diana said you were available and willing to speak with me. I appreciate that you were so willingly gave me a recommendation for the Rife machine that you have used successfully in your clinic for several years.

Please contact me, or have one of your team members contact me, about purchasing a BCX Ultra through your office. Thank you again for your time and knowledge.

May God bless you and yours, Nancy O’Brien


 Just had a follow-up meeting with my urologist and he was totally blown away at my condition. He told me when I left for Texas he had not planned on seeing me again alive. He asked what was done for me in Texas and I told him. He was completely amazed. He commented, Texas was winning and we were losing. Stay with what is winning. 


Hi Stephen Duncan!

First, I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for showering me with warmth, love, and support. It is through your loving kindness and compassion, which enabled me to persist and persevere.  You told me the first day, it was going to be a journey. It has been quite a ride!   It all comes down to leaning on and trusting GOD even more in times of trials and tribulations, guarding my heart and mind against any mental aggressive suggestion (the enemy), putting on my spiritual armor, and allowing in only God’s Truth and love.

You are truly a man of GOD Stephen Duncan and I thank you for your guiding example. My life has improved in so many ways because you welcomed me with open arms and helped me when I desperately needed the help.

Thank you and with my gratitude,



As short as our time was with you, no one else throughout this four year ordeal was ever as connected, personally caring, or as directly involved as you were. You told us the truth, you answered our questions, you held our hands when we needed it. Your entire staff was loving, caring, and concerned about us. Perhaps most importantly, you gave us new hope when we were feeling despair. It is no small thing that your treatment approach was effective in providing true healing. 

A blessing to you, your wife, your family, your staff, and all who benefit from your work. 

With deep gratitude, 



Thank you for seeing my FIL today again, Stephen. I REALLY appreciate it and am so thankful for you and your staff. Not only have you sped up healing immensely but have uplifted both our folks as they enjoyed time with you, your staff and other clients. They have a renewed hope and understanding of the processes God set in motion and I am very grateful to you. 


Hi Stephen Duncan, 

Leah has been making huge improvements since we came to see you and Carla. She’s a different girl it’s so amazing. Thank you so much for your and Carla’s care, knowledge and attention. 

Thanks for your time. Hope to see you in early spring. 

Letterman family


Hey Stephen, 

I’ve known you for about 5 years now and you’ve been a huge positive influence on my life. I’ve seen your business grow from a small office, to a friends house, to the awesome office and radio show you have today….. I just like to say congratulations. You are winning well and helping so many people along your journey. You really do encourage me to think differently.  Its not every day that i get to associate with someone who has conquered as many struggles as you have. You’re pretty amazing. 



I am grateful that through divine appointment, GOD has led me to Stephen Duncan. When I began, I could not walk long distance and could barely get up and dressed in the morning. I was on oxygen and could barely function. If I wanted to talk to a friend, I had to save up my energy so that I could talk for about 15 minutes or less before I got an “asthma exacerbation.” I was symptomatic throughout the day, every day, for years. 

Today, I can hold a conversation for longer than 15 minutes and can walk farther than before. Thank you to GOD and to Stephen Duncan for his gifts of anointing and discernment. Thank you Stephen Duncan for showing me compassion and for not turning me away. The best part about this journey is that I have grown in my understanding, and have deepened my relationship with GOD. 



Hi Stephen Duncan! 

I want to share some really great news.  During the last 6 weeks I saw my oncologist and had a CT scan. The results were, in my opinion, AMAZING!! The prior CT stated no significant interval change in ill-defined neoplasm. The CT on 08/13 says “There is persistent ill-defined area of heterogeneous density in the neck and body of the pancreas ……..less conspicuous when compared with most recent examination on 01/14.”  

Just wanted to share with you some good news. I’ll bring copies of the CT reports and blood work next week. 

Praises to GOD!! 


Stephen Duncan, 

I was praying and reflecting about a week ago and the Holy Spirit said, “I am going to give you proof of your healing before your follow up.”  Below is what became obvious within hours and a couple of days after hearing that word from the Holy Spirit. 

1) I no longer struggle to have a complete thought. I have been very foggy brained for several years and it has been frustrating and irritating;  2) I am no longer checking out before 5:00 in the evening. My energy levels have dramatically increased. I am able to do all my work throughout the day without stopping every 30 minutes;  3) I have lost weight for the first time in 12 years. This was not a goal at this time, but it is a nice side effect! 

Stephen Duncan, I truly appreciate all that you are doing to bring healing to myself and all the others I see in the office!! My family is greatly benefitting from my improvements! 

Blessings to you in every way!!! Letha 


Hey Stephen 
Just want to say thanks for our discussion yesterday about my protocol and my tumor. I have been a little worried about the changes in the tumor and it eased my mind a lot to discuss it with you!  I really appreciate the work and sacrifices that you both make for all of us at the center! I know the work is intense and our needs are great! Thank you for your obedience to our heavenly father who makes all of us whole! 
Have a great holiday weekend! 


Hi Stephen Duncan! It was great seeing you today. Just wanted to say how grateful I am for you. Thanks for your gift of matching us with the right supplements and treatments. I took the organic germanium and that same day, around 6 or 8 hours later, I was able to use less of the oxygen. Today, about 4 weeks later, I am off of it 99.9%. 

Thanks so much!


Today my life is in a much better place as it relates to my health. I have the best neuropathic holistic doctor in Texas! I have been on a journey back to health as a year and a half ago I was in bad shape. Today my thyroid, adrenals, immune system are functioning properly. No more chronic fatigue syndrome!!

If you need a doctor that offers a natural alternative to conventional medicine from cancer to other various degenerative disease, infertility and various other ailments and you’re close to the DFW metroplex. Call Stephen Duncan 972-248-1088 to schedule a consult


Hello Stephen Duncan,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do a consultation with Phil. He left with much hope after 8 years of suffering. The detox is hitting him pretty hard. He left this morning and could hardly walk to the car. I am very convinced this is both a spiritual and physical battle. I know he wants to get well. He’s closer to knowing Jesus every time he visits here.

I appreciate your intercessory prayer and expertise.  Thank you for all you do!

Be well


I have lost between 40 and 50 pounds since December 12th. I visited Stephen Duncan at the Holistic Health Center in Plano, Texas and besides helping with my disease, he has helped me to lose weight by eating according to my blood type, directing me in a plan to keep it off and to fully recover from anything else that would hinder my health. I asked God for wisdom on how to take care of my body and He ordered my footsteps to Stephen Duncan. It’s a hard road, but the more you practice it, the easier it gets. I love it!!! Visit him at his practice and allow God to heal you through a holistic way instead of through conventional means and surgery. PHARMACEUTICAL drugs and SURGERY is not the answer.


HI Stephen,

I just wanted to thank you for your heart to heal and all the love that we have been shown during our time at your clinic. It has truly been a special experience for me. I have loved being here and am gonna miss you all.  I will be definitely telling everyone about your work locally and internationally.

Thank you!  Lots of love,



Good Morning!

I truly felt led to share my experience with you because you are in a place where you can help many others.  Over the past two years I was struggling with yeast infections and using OTC creams every other month until they eventually were no longer effective.  This is when I began seeing you for treatments. During the duration of the treatments the YI would subside and reoccur.  After treating both my husband and me, I was able to clear up the YI without any relapses. I am free and myself again. Thank you Jesus! My hope is that my testimony could be of help to anyone struggling with the same issues. Thank you for your dedication and may God continue to bless you.



Please thank your dear wife for praying for me, her prayers are being answered. I already feel so much better, it’s incredible.

Thank you – I don’t know if the tinctures work that fast but I am noticeably different, like my old self.

God bless!


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